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Wellington Community Overview

Wellington is a city in the Central Western Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia, located at the Wambuul Macquarie and Bell Rivers. It is within the local government area of Dubbo Regional Council. In 2016, 2,544 people (or 5.9% of the population) in Wellington Shire reported needing help in their day-to-day lives due to disability. This was a similar percentage to 2011. Wellington Shire’s disability statistics relate directly to needing severe or profound disability assistance. The information may be used in planning local facilities, services such as day-care and occasional care, and information and support to carers. Wellington Shire’s disability statistics help understand the prevalence of people who need support in the community and details on Unpaid Care to a person with a disability how that support is provided. Wellington Shire Council has a vital role in increasing the participation of people with a disability in the community. The Wellington Shire Council Access and Inclusion Plan 2017-2022 is a practical, whole Council Strategy that will support Wellington Shire to be a more accessible and inclusive place and remove the barriers experienced by people with a disability.

NDIS and Wellington Disability Support

The ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)’ provides individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disabilities, their families and carers.
The NDIS provides a flexible, whole-of-life approach to the support needed by people with a disability to pursue their goals and aspirations and participate in daily life.

Parliament and Disability Support in Wellington Shire

What needs to happen to ensure that people’s disability and experience are accounted for to increase social inclusion? Each case is assessed on its own merits and provided for appropriately with everything! To be listened to and heard! Individual, holistic, community awareness, transport in rural areas. Ensure adequate funding is available and have support staff that understands the client’s needs. Physical access improvements, continuous awareness/inclusion training. Reflections from individuals on their experiences. Audits, feedback surveys, interviews, outcome audits. Educate people about disabilities. Education of society. Affordable services. Promote breadth and diversity of disabilities to the community.

In what ways do New South Wales with a disability participate in the economic

Helping with a disability participates in society’s economic, social and civil dimensions (reflection on Wellington area of Victoria)? Volunteerism – Animal shelter, Opportunity Shops for Organisation/Services, SES, CFA, Sale to Sea Disability Kayak Challenge Civic Participation

  • Wellington Access and Inclusion Advisory Group – an advisory group to Council including residents with a disability, carers and service providers.
  • Wellington Community Representative Groups (CRGs) – CRGs develop townships plans and comprise a diversity of community members o Support within Sporting Clubs – as volunteers and players
  • Wellington Shire Youth Council – is inclusive and represents the diversity in the Wellington shire youth.
  • Yarram Visitor Information Centre – residents with a disability and support staff from Mirridong day service in Yarram provide volunteers who man/person the centre and provide information to visitors to the area.
  • Wellington Yacht Club – Sailability – as members The Disability Sector is an industry that employs thousands of people across the state.

Wellington Disability Community in Next 20 Years?

What do you see as the emerging issues for NSW with a disability over the next 20 years, and how might these influence their social inclusion? Access to appropriate accommodation/housing Implications of the increase in disability due to the ageing population Staffing levels and appropriate supports – appropriately skilled people willing to work in the sector Job security for primary carers. The relative willingness of the community to engage with and acknowledge participation by people with disabilities in our communities. Economies of scale – Need vs Allocated resources Under the employment of Victorians with a disability with work may be limited by the impact of income earned on disability pensioner benefits. Health care cards etc. They are decreasing volunteerism. The NDIS – the allocation of sufficient and appropriate support for inclusion/participation/health and wellbeing of Victorians with a disability The political climate, i.e. the willingness of governments to continue the commitment.

What the Effect Outcome On Disability People in Wellington Community

How effective have awareness campaigns been in improving social inclusion for people with a disability in Victoria? In my experience, I am unaware of any such movements, so I would say not very effective at all unless I’m just not paying attention to the right things… Bar None – Employment Campaign has had limited effectiveness. ‘Count Me In Campaign’ advocating for the NDIS raised much awareness and was very effective at gaining support from across the community. TAC and Workcover advertisements work well in awareness-raising. The coverage of the Paralympics was excellent at raising awareness of ability 4 International Day of People with a Disability (and various days/weeks of attention, i.e. Down Syndrome, M.S.) are effective at raising awareness and the abilities of Victorian with a disability. More visual information is needed, i.e. 2013/2014 Yellow pages cover has disabled charity cyclists. Increase the number of positive images of people with a disability and achievements.

Social Inclusion of Disabled People

Are they designed to enhance the social inclusion of Victorians with a disability? Improvement is needed o Service system needs to gear itself toward the employment of skilled/trained workers, o HACC service needs to broaden its focus – focus on the physical environment but not holistic needs – social/emotional needs. Community Building Program – RuralAccess, MetroAccess, deaf access has significantly impacted communities. O deaf access plays a pivotal role in raising the awareness around inclusion and participation of Victorians who are deaf or hard of hearing. Five o RuralAccess creates community-based projects and partnerships that build community inclusion and involvement of Victorians with a Disability. i.e. Good Access is Good Business – access to goods and services and employment focuses, Accessible Tourism in Gippsland, Building Leadership Projects, Talking Transport in Wellington – Visual Bus Timetables and Area-specific Taxi Communication Boards etc. Individual Reflection – Very effective where I live in the Five Star Project community. Everyone rallies around each other. People always encourage each other to get out and join in. We are working out how to look after each other when parents/caregivers cannot support us. Organisations/programs such as Rural Access and Deaf Access create strong links between People with a Disability and opportunities within their community. Without the support of organisations such as these two, many events/programs/projects would not be happening. Rural Access has been a great partner to many individuals and organisations to create sustainable programs and events, promoting social inclusion within the community and ongoing participation opportunities for everyone.

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