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Our service program focuses and aims to provide the highest quality home care in Forbes, working with community leaders, council and other disability groups, however, and not limited to our disability program. We are resulting in helping and great an opportunity to be part of a helping hand in Forbes disability and social community.

Forbes has always been known for its heritage buildings set alongside gorgeous river banks and leafy parks, but a new, world-class sculpture trail shows there’s more to this town in the beautiful Lachlan Valley than meets the eye. See its changing face, from colonial gold rush times, including notorious bushrangers, to the modern-day.

Home care and support for disabled workers is our focus; all of our staff are thoroughly trained and well equipped to provide the utmost quality in disability support.

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The area was home to the Wiradjuri people before non-indigenous settlement. John Oxley passed through in 1817 during one of the first inland expeditions. Oxley named the site Camp Hill. He was unimpressed with the clay soil, poor timber and swamps, and he concluded, it is impossible to imagine a worse country.The first settlers moved into the district in 1834.

Gold was discovered by Harry Stephan, also known as “German Harry”, in June 1861. Initially, about 30,000 people moved to the goldfields, but by 1863 this had declined to about 3,500 because of the difficult mining conditions.




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To be disabled is part of life; our focus is on providing you with your own choice, control and freedom

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Your goals are the principal focus of our care. Putting you at the centre of everything we do as we live up to our name – We Love to Care!

Forbes and Gold Mines

The goldfields were initially named “Black Ridge”, and the name “Forbes” celebrating Sir Francis Forbes was declared from Sydney due to a possible government administrative error. It is said that the name was meant for the town now known as “Hill End” between Orange and Mudgee, where gold was discovered around a similar time. Gold was initially found in the area known as Halpin’s Flat. The Albion Hotel, once a Cobb and Co. stagecoach stop, had tunnels situated underneath, which were used during the gold rush to convey gold and money to and from the banks to minimise the chance of theft.[5] The Albion Hotel burnt down on 10 February 2009, losing years’ worth of history and memorabilia.[6]

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One of Australia’s most renowned bushrangers, Ben Hall, was shot dead in an early morning police ambush about 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the northwest of Forbes on 5 May 1865. Hall and his gang were famous for stealing 77 kilograms (170 lb) of gold and £3,700 from the nearby town of Eugowra in 1862. He is buried in Forbes Cemetery.[7]

Kate Kelly, the sister of bushranger Ned Kelly, lived in the town. She drowned in Lake Forbes while saving an Aboriginal child during a flood in 1898 and was found in a lagoon of the Lachlan River, just outside Forbes.[4][8] She is buried in Forbes Cemetery.[7]

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Your goals are the principal focus of our care. Putting you at the centre of everything we do as we live up to our name – We Love to Care

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