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The aged care system is also undergoing reform in Australia, with consumer-directed care similar to the NDIS. The legislation provides the minimum about what is needed to be fair and protect the rights of people. This includes: The NSW Disability Inclusion Act (2014) reinforces that people with disability have the same human rights as other people, including a right to be respected and participate in and contribute to the social and level of Accessible.

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Cowra and its villages offer the best of country living: small-town hospitality; the tranquil Lachlan River and valleys, beautiful parks, gardens and tree-lined streets, history and tradition, boutique food and wine experiences, and a range of supporting services and amenities. There is a strong sense of town pride and belongingness. It is a town that celebrates diversity. The Cowra Council’s vision for the Shire is for a leading, innovative and creative community. Proud of its place in history, offering an opportunity with the best country living. The challenge in this Disability Inclusion Action Plan (‘The Plan’) is to extend the things that make Cowra great to all in the community and to build its reputation as an accessible home and destination of choice.

Disability and Health Conditions

Some disabilities, such as Crohn’s Disease, may not be visible. Making things inclusive for people with disability has advantages for most people across diverse abilities and ages, including;

Good seating and a place to rest along the way is vital to many older people;

Ramps may be better than stairs if you have a young family;

Subtitles on visual media are excellent in noisy places; and a place that fosters welcoming and a rich social. Interdependent community, strength and economic advantage. Cowra Council has been working over the years to improve accessibility. But there is still more to do. We need to find ways to change sentiments. The Plan will foster and advocate for a community and built environment that supports people with disability of all ages to be included in social and economic life to the extent of their ability to contribute as valued.

Develop a Safety Strategy for Disabled People Using Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters provide freedom and mobility to people who would otherwise have trouble getting around or travelling a distance. From July 2006 to June 2008, there were about 700 hospitalisations in Australia because of a motorised mobility scooter fall injury, with an overall estimated increase over the past ten years of 255%. A significant proportion of these people have persisting health problems as a result. There were 62 fatalities related to mobility scooters from July 2000 to August 2010, with 14 likely causes. Training and education of users contribute enormously to their safety in using these aids. This action, facilitated by the Access Advisory Committee, will identify strategies that will improve the safety of people using mobility aids and provide practical information on maintenance.

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Housing Stock in Cowra

The Shire. Most people with disability access the mainstream housing market by either renting or buying. People who are ageing are also often seeking accommodation with accessible features such as wide doors, oversized bathrooms and easy paths and ramps. Increasingly, people have expectations of living in their homes for as long as possible. For disability, there is a move away from congregate living where everyone you live with also has a disability.

The economic life of their communities

It also requires plans from the State Government and its departments and local governments to improve the inclusion of people with disability. The NSW Disability Inclusion Plan provides four focus areas for government and community action: – Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours. – Creating liveable communities. – Supporting access to meaningful employment. – Improving access to mainstream services. The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) (DDA) views less favourable treatment or opportunities because of someone’s disability as discrimination. The Disability Standards for Education and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport help define requirements for the DDA. Disability discrimination accounts for the highest volume of complaints across the board to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The NSW Local Government Act 1993 also upholds the principles of social justice equity, access, participation and rights. It requires that each council have a Community Strategic Plan, supported by a resourcing strategy, delivery program and operational plan. Their Disability Inclusion Plans can be stand-alone or delivered through the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Despite high representation in the community, people with disability are often absent from publications and advertising. When they are included, it is often to highlight an inspirational story and get an emotional response. This influences what is acceptable about how someone looks, who might be the ‘customer’ and what role models it is good to admire, associate with, and value. This action will ensure that Cowra Council publications, advertising and online avenues are representative of their community and include people with disability.

Creating Liveable Communities Include Disability and Age Care

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Liveable communities provide meaning to people’s lives. People usually like to live in places with a general sense of connectedness and acceptance. They want to have good transport, job opportunities, education, arts, the outdoors and recreational activities. They need to access services and the necessities of daily living. They are drawn to places where homes are affordable and suit their needs. Just over 50% of survey respondents felt they socialised and participated as much as they wanted in the community. Removing barriers that people experience makes a huge difference for individuals, the economy and the broader community. Universal design is the design and composition of an environment to be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. The actions in this Plan will consider how to make things more universally accessible to as many people as possible – not just people with disability. Many people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and other disabilities that severely limit mobility cannot use standard accessible toilets. Some people avoid going out or restrict where they go because they cannot be assured of an appropriate toilet facility. Only 18% of survey respondents found it easy to access public toilets in the Cowra Shire. Improving this situation will support social inclusion and participation.

Disability and Age Community Improve inclusion and access to recreational activities

Sport, recreation and leisure activities allow people to develop friendships and improve physical and emotional health. This is particularly important for people with disability who may also use the pool and other activities as therapy. The Cowra Shire offers an abundance of activities, including fishing, swimming, bowling, cinema, croquet, golf, picnic areas and bike riding. These activities are also crucial to tourism. This action will improve and promote access and information for recreational options. Consider Improvements and extensions to cycling paths and signage (See the Cowra Council Pedestrian and Cycling Plan) – A ramp into the public pool to be researched when audited in April 2017. – Research how to increase accessible and continuous travel paths from car parks to recreation activities.

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